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Meet GSTimeIntervalPicker

Posted on December 5, 2016 by Lukas under iOS development | No comments

Timelines icon It seems like a forever ago since I released my last open source code, and, it is. Today, I’m happy to finally change that. I built a small UIPickerView subclass that lets users pick time the same way as UIDatePicker in countDownTimer mode does, but allows you as a developer to limit the input. It wasn’t terribly hard to implement but it did take some time, and since I believe that limiting the input is something a lot of people need, I decided to share it. I’ve been itching to open source something for a long time, and this seemed like a good fit. You can find the code on GitHub here.

Experimenting with App Store Search Ads

Posted on September 29, 2016 by Lukas under iOS development | 10 comments


Just a few hours ago, Apple launched Search Ads. I was looking forward to them ever since they were announced shortly before this year’s WWDC. I think they will be a great way to get our apps in front of customers in the best moment – when they are actively looking for a specific app.

Since Apple has yet to send out official announcement email, it’s still very early to take out any learnings from it. I want this blog post to be a documentary of my experiments with Search Ads, and hopefully to bring something valuable to our app developer’s community.

Timelines is featured on the front page of US App Store!

Posted on August 16, 2016 by Lukas under Timelines | 4 comments

I couldn’t sleep well today. I don’t know why, but I had a terrible dream that I still remember vividly. I woke up at 4AM, and after getting up, I went back to bed and checked the App Store. And there it was: my new app, Timelines, featured in the New Apps We Love section.

Timelines App Store screenshot

Obviously, I had difficulty falling asleep after seeing it. At first, I was shocked. “Is this real, or am I dreaming?” Is this even possible. I was contacted by App Store team a few days earlier about providing banner artwork in case they decided to feature it somewhere, but from what I’ve read, that is still no guarantee that it will actually get featured. I checked again. Yes, it’s there. It’s happening!

I’ve been building something new

Posted on August 1, 2016 by Lukas under Timelines | No comments

Timelines icon I know this blog has been quiet for quite some time, but it’s mostly because I’ve been busy building a new app. Now that I am in the very final phase of releasing it, I wanted to do a small pre-announcement here:

The app is called Timelines. It’s a tool for tracking and visualizing time. At the time when I was looking for a time tracking app, none of the available options seemed particularly appealing. So I eventually decided to build one on my own.

My main concern about the existing solutions was that they don’t put much emphasis on displaying the tracked data in any meaningful way. What’s the point of tracking time when I can’t get any useful insights out of it? That’s what Timelines focuses on – it makes seeing time an obvious, insightful and fun experience.

It achieves that goal by using a unique interactive timeline which can be overlaid with the tracked time. While some custom UI had to be built to facilitate this, it still feels familiar and easy to use.

I will be sharing more info about it prior to launch on its Twitter and Facebook, so make sure to follow it there.

It will be launching on Tuesday, August 9, 2016, and there will be a 40 percent-off sale during the first couple of days – it will cost $4.99 instead of the regular $7.99. To make sure you don’t miss it, you can subscribe to be notified on the launch day on the app’s website:

Meet Quick Actions in Routie 2.11

Posted on March 17, 2016 by Lukas under Routie | No comments

Routie icon

I am glad to announce that Routie 2.11 is here! If you have an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, you will be especially pleased by the new 3D Touch Quick Actions. Just force-press on the icon and you will be presented with options to Start (or Stop) Tracking, Take Photo, View Statistics or View latest track. I’ve been using it myself the past few days and it’s really handy, especially the last option.

Routie 3D Touch Quick ActionsRoutie enhanced Detail screen

On the right screenshot, you can see enhanced Route details screen. It now has blurred background, and the value displays span over the whole width even on larger devices.

Bug fixes in 2.11

This update also brings some important bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash when trying to sign in with Facebook.
  • Fixed occasional server login issue.
  • Fixed positioning of export buttons in Sharing screen.
  • Various smaller improvements.

As always, I hope you’ll like the update. And if you do, it would be really nice if you left a positive review on the App Store. You can download it here. Enjoy!

Edit (17.3.’16) – Version 2.11.1 which fixed critical bug on iOS 8 devices is now also approved and live! Thank you Apple for granting it expedited review.

Routie 2.10 brings watchOS 2 app and iOS 9 compatibility

Posted on January 22, 2016 by Lukas under Routie | No comments

Routie update 2.10 just became available on the App Store, and it brings some exciting features. Most importantly, it’s the watchOS 2 app that runs on your ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ. The main improvements over watchOS 1 app are:

  • You can measure heart rate using the watch, and the data are stored with the track.
  • Thanks to Workout API, your activity is counted towards the activity rings.
  • With new complication, you can launch Routie directly from your watch face.

Just a side note: due to technical limitations, in order for the features above to work, you need to both start and stop tracking on the watch itself.

Routie 2.10 also brings full compatibility with iOS 9. You can get the update here. Enjoy!

Routie 2.9 with Health integration and Voice coaching is here!

Posted on June 23, 2015 by Lukas under Routie | No comments

Routie iconFor the past two and a half weeks, I’ve been hard at work on a new update of Routie. It brings two major new features, as well as one little surprise that you’ll discover moments after you get the update. Users have been asking for these two for quite some time, so I am really pleased to announce that the update is available on the App Store as of now!

Health app screenshotRoutie Voice coaching screenshot

New website just launched!

Posted on May 8, 2015 by Lukas under Personal | 2 comments

I’ve been in the need of a new website for a really long time, and then it took another significant amount of time (and work) to get it done. From the initial vision, to design, to coding (I outsourced the last part). As usually, I envisioned it to be much easier than it turned out to be and there were some bumps along the way, but I am very happy with the result and really excited that it’s now done and live!

Introducing Routie for Apple Watch

Posted on April 23, 2015 by Lukas under Routie | 2 comments

Routie on an Apple Watch
I am excited to announce that as of now, Routie 2.8 with Apple Watch app is available in the App Store! When Apple announced Apple Watch last September, I instantly knew that it is a perfect fit for Routie, and I knew that I want to have the Routie for Apple Watch app available from the very beginning.