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Routie 2.6 with heart rate monitoring is here!

Posted on August 29, 2014 by Lukas under Routie | No comments

Routie heart rate graph and Pebble and Bluetooth monitor

Routie now has built-in heart rate monitoring support! I was reluctant at first, because I wasn’t sure if it fits into the overall vision where I want to go with Routie, but after giving it more thought and after numerous people requesting HR monitoring over time, I decided it really makes sense for Routie to fill in this gap. And I am really glad I did, because it works great and after all the testing I did, even I now take the HR monitor with me every time when I go cycling.

In plain points, heart rate monitoring in Routie 2.6 has the following features:

  • Pair with your favourite Bluetooth 4.0 heart rate monitor.
  • See current heart rate during your workout.
  • Explore interactive graph of your heart rate after workout.
  • See average and max heart rate in route details.
  • ★ Works with Pebble! See your current heart rate on your Pebble watch.

You can get the update on the App Store here. I’ve really put in a lot of effort and testing to make the whole pairing and monitoring experience a seamless one, but if you find something that’s not working as it should, please send me an email at support [at] If you like the update, please take a moment and give it a comment on the App Store, it really helps a lot!

Now, I would like to thank all the people who have been requesting the heart rate monitoring feature and those who helped me along the way. Specifically, I would like to thank Karel Brudný and Radek Šustek – your valuable suggestions, perspective and testing made it much better than it would have been otherwise!