New website just launched!

Posted on May 8, 2015 by Lukas under Personal | 2 comments

I’ve been in the need of a new website for a really long time, and then it took another significant amount of time (and work) to get it done. From the initial vision, to design, to coding (I outsourced the last part). As usually, I envisioned it to be much easier than it turned out to be and there were some bumps along the way, but I am very happy with the result and really excited that it’s now done and live!

As you probably know, the previous version had pretty much only the blog, and the looks of it were somewhat suboptimal. While the articles could be read and the blog did have similar structure to this version, the step forward, in my opinion, is significant.

The objectives

I had several objectives in mind when I was designing it:.

  • It should better reflect my values. Like attention to detail and minimalism.
  • It should be more inviting, friendly.
  • It should feel more personal.
  • It should present my work (apps) front and center.
  • It has to have responsive design. It’s 2015, after all.

What I ended up with

If you browse around a bit, you will find that this website has two sections. The first one is the main page where there are

  • my apps,
  • a short text about me,
  • contact info with contact form,
  • newsletter box to opt in for important announcements

and the second section is the one you are at right now – the blog. The blog has almost the same layout as in the old version, but it is responsive and the design is much improved.

I believe this is a big step forward in terms of the way I present myself and my work on the internet, and in terms of usability of this site across various devices. I am really excited about it, and can’t wait to see how it will affect other parts of my indie business. It already proved to be very refreshing for me!

Apart from this website, I have a big announcement to make. And there will be a couple of other pleasant things, especially for those of you who use Routie and/or are into productivity. But I’ll leave those for another post. Stay tuned!

  • Jan Brudný

    Jeden maličký detail k té responzivitě: textové pole pro e-mail na newsletter by mělo mít type=email (nebo mail), z důvodu lepší klávesnice na smartphonech.

    • Lukáš Petr

      To zní jako dobrá poznámka, díky! Určitě to tam přidám.